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Museum of Science Overnight 2018

Payment is now due:


Museum of Science Overnight Payment

If the event organizers asked you to add $6/person because our form was broken (Oops, sorry about that!), you can use this form to pay the difference.

Payment Adjustment


Payment is due for each parent and each scout attending, unless your scout qualified for the free overnight from popcorn sales.  Please see Kirby if you have a question about this.

For full details about the event, follow this link (note: scroll to the bottom of the KTC page for event details):  In the meantime if there are any questions, please speak with Kirby.

Mark your calendars now for Pack 39’s annual overnight event.  This year’s event will be held at the Museum of Science in Boston from Sat, March 3, 2018 to Sun, March 4, 2018.  More details with exact times and programming details will be coming in the coming months.

  • Price of admittance is $68/person (child or adult) unless your son qualified for a free ticket.  
  • Overnight parking is available in the Museum Garage for an additional $5.00.

We need to collect a list of everyone attending the Overnight this year by January 27th!

Please complete the following:

Important note: completed Health Forms are good for all Pack-sponsored events for a 1-Year Period.


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