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New Cub Scouts and New Cub Scout Parents

Frequently Asked Questions

Stow Cub Scouts Pack 39

Who can join Cub Scouts?

Boys entering K can join as “Lion” scouts. Boys entering 1st grade can join as a “Tiger” scouts. Boys entering 2nd through the 5th grade can join Cub Scouts and join an established group, or “den”, of other boys his age.

Where are the meetings?

Regular pack meetings are usually held at St. Isidore’s Church. Other pack events sometimes occur in parks, at conservation land, or in places like museums, historical parks, etc.

Den meetings might be held at St. Isidore’s, in people’s homes, or outside.

How often are the meetings?

Pack meetings are held about once a month, starting in September and ending in May. They are about 1½ to 2 hours long.

Den meetings are typically held twice a month or more, and usually last 1 to 1½ hours.

How much does it cost to be in Cub Scouts in Stow?

The total annual cost with Boy’s Life is approximately $125. It’s $75 to join (check payable to “Pack 39 Stow“), and you can add $12 if you want your son to have a subscription to Boy’s Life. This is a national publication of Boy Scouts aimed at boys between 7 and 18 with stories about scouts, goofy jokes, tales of brave scouts, etc. (There are also den dues of approx. $25 for the costs of projects and activities the den undertakes throughout the year.)

A Tiger Cub (beginning) Scout uniform costs about $63 and is available at the Maynard Outdoor Store, the Scout Store in Lancaster, MA, the Scout Store in Southboro, and online at A Tiger Cub Handbook is $13 (traditional binding) or $19 if you want it coil-bound (easier to lay flat on a table!).

Registration $75
Boys’ Life $12
Handbook $13
Den Dues $25
subtotal $125
Uniform $63 (a new one is NOT needed every year)
total $188

See New Scouts for full listing of needed supplies.

Each year a new handbook of the proper rank is needed, but uniforms can be used for multiple years so try to purchase one a little big. Pack 39 tries to keep the cost of scouting down; we require a minimum uniform, supply the neckerchiefs, and hand down caps & neckerchief slides after the end of year Blue and Gold advancements.

There is also one optional Overnight Trip costing approximately $50-60 per person depending on location.

(Financial assistance is available for families in need. Please inquire.)

What is the parents’ time commitment?

One parent must stay with a Lion or Tiger (beginning) Cub Scout for each meeting. The next years, it is strongly recommended but not required that a parent be present at each meeting.

There are tasks that the boy needs to complete each year to advance to the next level. These tasks are most often completed with a parent. Examples of these tasks include planning and cooking a meal for the family, learning about a mythical figure from American history, or learning the rules for a sport.

In addition, there will be projects that are designed for a boy and a parent to do together: make a Pinewood derby car, go on the Breakfast hike, etc.

With the den, there are also times when you will go somewhere, for instance the police or fire station, a local radio station or newspaper, or a high school sports event. Parents should plan to accompany their sons on these trips.

The Pack also usually goes on one overnight excursion per year. We have gone to Higgins Armory, the Boston Museum of Science and Battleship Cove. A parent needs to accompany the boy on these excursions.

Our main fundraiser is the selling of popcorn. Cub Scouts and their families can participate at whatever level is right for them. There are opportunities to sell popcorn at Shaw’s in the shopping center and a parent should be present for that and if the Cub Scout sells popcorn in the neighborhood.

We ask that each family volunteer at least 2 hours per year, doing such things as helping set up or clean up for an event, etc. Remember that your son’s Cub Scout experience is the direct result of volunteer hours from you and other parents!

Each Den has a volunteer leader and assistant. Consider volunteering for those posts if you can. Women and men can be volunteers and leaders.

What can you expect as benefits of joining Cub Scouts?

Here are some things that we, as parents, have found to be good about Cub Scouts:

  • It gives the boys a way to learn important lessons that the schools don’t normally teach (for example, what to do if you are lost.)
  • It gives parents a structured way to talk to their sons about important lessons
  • It gives the boys interaction with adult leaders who aren’t teachers or parents
  • It gives the boys a chance to socialize outside of school and outside of their immediate age group
  • It gives boys (and parents) a chance to develop some basic skills such as whittling, making a bird house, etc.
  • It gives boys and their parents fun activities that they can do together
  • It gives boys and their parents challenging activities that they can do together
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