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New Scouts

Congratulations!   Now that you have joined Pack 39 you will need a few things.

All supplies are available at the following locations:

** Pack 39 tries to keep cost of scouting down.  We require a minimum uniform, and hand down caps, neckerchief slides after Blue and Gold advancements.

DO NOT purchase neckerchiefs – Neckerchiefs will be presented to the new scouts during the first Pack Meeting.  Pack 39 will also supply new scouts with the Council Shoulder Patch.  We do not require boys to purchase pants or socks.

All Pack 39 Scouts need:

  • Blue shirt – order on the large side so it lasts a few years
  • Belt
  • World Scout Crest
  • Unit Numbers “3” & “9”
  • Den Number – you will need to get your den number from the Pack Committee first
  • Optional – Badge Magic for attaching patches

Tigers need to add:

  • Tiger Cap
  • Tiger Neckerchief Slide
  • Tiger Handbook (Perfect or Coil Bound)

Wolves need to add:

  • Wolf Cap
  • Wolf Neckerchief Slide
  • Wolf Handbook (Perfect or Coil Bound)

Bears need to add:

  • Bear Cap
  • Bear Neckerchief Slide
  • Bear Handbook (Perfect or Coil Bound)


WEBELOS need to add:

  • WEBELOS Neckercheif Slide
  • WEBELOS Handbook (Perfect or Coil Bound)
  • Optional – Tan Short Sleeve Shirt – check with your Den Leader to know which color shirt to purchase

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