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Account Balances

Every scout in Pack 39 has a scout account inside Scout Manager.  If you are leader who has turned in receipts for reimbursement, you too will have an account.

These accounts are used to process all financial transactions that occur during the year:

  • Registration
  • Boys Life
  • Overnight
  • Blue & Gold
  • Payments
  • Reimbursements
  • anything we charge the scout/family for.

You always have access to your scouts account via Scout Manager.  You will also see these the balances of any account you have access/visibility to at the bottom of your monthly newsletter. (click on any image below to see a larger version)


If the balance is a negative, you have been charged for an event/activity and owe payment.  If your balance is a positive, you have a payment that has not had the event charged to offset.

To see the detail in your account, Login to Scout Manager.

Choose My Scouts => pick the name of the your scout:


Choose the Accounts Tab:


Choose View Detail Button:

acct 5

Here is an example of the account detail:


Here are some notes of what you might see:

  • This is based on an accounting systems which works with Debits and Credits.  I added a note over those column titles of Charges (debit) and Payments (credits) to help with your understanding of the account detail, but there could be more than just charges & payments.
  • If a parent is charged for an event with the scout, the scouts account will be charged for both – you can see this on the above example.
  • In this example
    • the first two lines, show the scout being charged for registration, and then payment of registration.
    • the next 4 lines show no activity and when the books were closed at the end of the month the balance was $0.
    • The next 4 lines show a payment for an overnight, 2 charges (one scout, one parent) for the overnight, and an offset for the scout earning a free overnight.
      • note – this is was a special reward for 2015/16 – and may not still be current promotion.
    • This example has a second page of transactions, to equal the current balance of $50 shown in the upper left of the screen.

If you have any questions, please e-mail the pack treasurer.

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