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Youth Protection and Cyber Chip



Youth Protection Cyber Chip are a two part requirement. Both are required for completion of each rank, to be refreshed every year. Youth Protection is completed at home while Cyber Chip may be completed at home or as a den.

  1. Youth Protection– parents review the pamphlet attached to the front of the Cub Scout Handbook, titled: “Youth Protection/ How to Protect Your Child from Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide”. After the parent reads through the book, the exercises on pages 15-19 of the guide are completed with the scout. There is no place to sign off completion in the book; let your den leader know when the exercises have been completed.
  2. Cyber Chip– this is designed to help protect your child while using the internet. You and your son will need to go online to complete this requirement.
    1.  Navigate to website: NOTE: The website refers to the Cyber Chip card which the scouts are supposed to read however, they won’t actually get the card until they’ve earned it. There is a picture of the card on the website which can be read in lieu. Once the requirements are met, the card will be presented at a pack meeting, along with the Cyber Chip patch.
    2. Select the age-appropriate link for your rank, “Grades 1-3” for Tiger-Bear and “Grades 4-5” for Webelos scouts and complete the four listed steps.
      1. Note for Webelos scouts- regarding the “Teachable Recipes”, choose one
    3. Tell your den leader when your scout has completed the appropriate exercises so the requirement/s can be documented in YouthManager. The first year the Cyber Chip is completed, the scout will receive a temporary patch*; subsequent years will be considered ‘refresher’ training, with no patch granted but the den leaders will still need to check off as completed in order to meet the rank requirements.

*Temporary patches are not permanently affixed to the uniform but can be worn on the right pocket. Only one temporary patch should be worn at a time or more as you see fit.


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